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Medicaid Expansion Could Create Jobs
Georgia could emerge as a hot spot for job seekers in the medical industry. An economic impact study conducted by Georgia State University's William Custer finds that the state accepting a Medicaid expansion offer from the federal government could create up to 70,000 jobs. Slightly more than half of those jobs would be added by health care providers, Custer's estimates show. According to the study, private hospitals might add up to 15,154 jobs, for the bulk of the 38,124 jobs added across the industry. Other physicians, home health care specialists, and diagnostics experts would also be required. CONTINUE READING AT ...
Ethical Questions For Healthcare Professionals
Today’s physicians are subject to numerous competing pressures, rooted in both time and money, perhaps to an extent they’ve never experienced before. Medical Economics consulted doctors and healthcare experts to explore the push-pull of four ethical, financial, and logistical dilemmas that doctors must navigate in 2014--and beyond. Consider the trends. Patients newly insured through the Affordable Care Act (ACA), some with long-ignored medical needs, will be flooding the system, with slightly more than eight million people signed up by late April, according to federal officials. Medicaid eligibility also expanded in 26 states. Meanwhile, the U.S. health system is rapidly evolving. ...
The Value Of Mobile Devices For Physicians
The rise of transformative technologies from electronic medical records to wearables is quickly making mobile devices a very real part of the healthcare journey. Ninety percent of Americans now own a mobile device, and they spend an average of 43 minutes per month on those devices, compared with just 22 minutes at an average doctor’s visit. Mobile devices make information instantly available to far more people, integrating them with our daily lives more than traditional desktop computers ever did. Clinicians are also seeing the importance of mobile devices—not only to their patients, but as tools to help them deliver quality ...
Things to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer
Q:I am finishing residency in June and have a few job offers to consider. What should I look for besides a competitive salary? A: Most new physicians join a practice without first giving it a thorough "history and physical exam." Asking pertinent questions will help you avoid joining the wrong practice, and knowing your rights in the practice ahead of time will help you and your employer avoid dragging each other to court in the future. more...
Tips For Hiring The Right Support Staff
1. Start with a wish list Build a wish list of the qualities that the perfect candidate would have. If you have a job description, start there. Without this ‘shopping list’ you might not recognize the best candidate. Ask yourself: Is this a job a good worker will want? Every job in a medical practice needs to include a reasonable mix of work. CONTINUE READING AT MODERN MEDICINE
Healthcare Providers Can Benefit From Data Analytics
The presence of data and analytic tools to improve both the quality and efficiency in healthcare are being felt, but there are more benefits to be realized from these investments, according to a recent survey. In a survey, KPMG asked more than 270 healthcare professionals “Where is your organization in the business and data analytics roadmap?” and found that only 10% are using advanced tools for data collection with analytics and predictive capabilities. Twenty-one percent indicated that they are still only “planning their journey.” Of the other respondents, 16% said they are using data in strategic decision making, 28% are ...