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Medical Industry A Future Winner in Jobs Growth
The consensus of the experts I spoke with is that jobs in the health care sector were the election’s big winners. According to Tracey Wilen-Daugenti, managing director of the Apollo Research Institute, with the full implementation of Obamacare in 2014, the need for health care professionals is expected to grow dramatically. Based on interviews Apollo recently conducted for the forthcoming book “Women Lead,” here are some of the anticipated trends that will affect employment in the industry: Nurses and the care team will become more prominent in patient care. Because doctors will be increasingly stretched, more nurses will specialize in ...
Tips For Diversifying A Practice
A full analysis of your practice’s demographics, along with market and industry trends, will provide information to make decisions on where to invest and grow your practice. Knowing your most profitable products and services is key, and obtaining comprehensive data about your cost drivers will lead to lowering your financial risk. It is important to do your homework and research before investing and diversifying your practice. CONTINUE READING AT MODERN MEDICINE
How Big Data Is Helping Healthcare
American hospitals and care centers are in desperate need of reform. High costs, shocking levels of hospital-acquired illness and average quality of care are leaving healthcare providers looking for modern solutions that can both lower costs and help them provide better, more attentive care for patients. Luckily, by harnessing the power of data and analytics, we are rapidly approaching the future of hospitals and healthcare. In the words of David Brailer, MD, an outspoken healthcare reform advocate, "Data has moved [to] center stage, and now it's time for it to show what it can do." READ MORE AT MASHABLE
Long-Term Care Needs Growing With Retirement
Long-term care is expensive! Depending on the level of care needed, the national average runs $37,000 to $80,000 a year. For most people, figuring out the best way to pay for it is one of the final pieces in the retirement puzzle. With our aging population and life-extending medical advances, these costs are likely to rise each year. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, there were about 9 million Americans over 65 who needed long-term care in 2010. That number is expected to swell to 12 million by 2020. What does it mean to need long-term ...
Tips To Be A Great Technician
Many people make the assumption that if they pass the JCAHPO, COA, COT, or COMT tests that they are good technicians. That might mean it would also be safe to say that the higher the certification, the better the technician. I do not believe that your certificate, or lack of certificate, is the true indication of what type of technician you actually are. There are so many intangibles involved in the mix. These skills are very hard to cultivate in a person, and it is very hard to evaluate whether someone might possess them during an interview. There are five ...
10 Tips For Cloud Computing In Healthcare
Cloud computing—the process by which data, including healthcare data, is stored, processed and distributed across a network of Internet-hosted servers rather than a local-based server or a personal computer—is becoming a more widely used term in healthcare. Still, many executives are confused about how cloud computing will impact their organizations. Don Martin, vice president and technology practice lead at healthcare consultancy Novia Strategies, says gaining this understanding is critical. “Developing a thorough knowledge and appreciation for both the risks and the benefits available from cloud computing will position hospital technology leaders to adopt and manage 'big data' more effectively and ...