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Tips For Hiring The Right Support Staff
1. Start with a wish list Build a wish list of the qualities that the perfect candidate would have. If you have a job description, start there. Without this ‘shopping list’ you might not recognize the best candidate. Ask yourself: Is this a job a good worker will want? Every job in a medical practice needs to include a reasonable mix of work. CONTINUE READING AT MODERN MEDICINE
Healthcare Providers Can Benefit From Data Analytics
The presence of data and analytic tools to improve both the quality and efficiency in healthcare are being felt, but there are more benefits to be realized from these investments, according to a recent survey. In a survey, KPMG asked more than 270 healthcare professionals “Where is your organization in the business and data analytics roadmap?” and found that only 10% are using advanced tools for data collection with analytics and predictive capabilities. Twenty-one percent indicated that they are still only “planning their journey.” Of the other respondents, 16% said they are using data in strategic decision making, 28% are ...
Coding Versus Billing Skills
Q: I am the new office manager in my husband's practice, but I have no experience in coding. Do you know where I can take a coding class that is only 8 to 10 hours in duration?
Incentives Offered To Companies Promoting A Healthy Workplace
Starting in 2014 under the federal Affordable Care Act, there will be new regulations and incentives related to company wellness programs. Small businesses that meet certain requirements will be able to take advantage of a $200 million pool of grant funding for creation of wellness programs. The law increases the reward that employers can offer workers who live up to wellness goals, now limited to 20 percent of the cost of health coverage. And businesses with group insurance that offer incentive-based wellness programs won't be able to discriminate based on certain medical conditions. “Having any form of legislation to support ...
Training And Retaining Healthcare Staff
So you have surrounded yourself with a solid team. How do you continue to coax the best of your employees’ attributes and enrich their growth as staff members? Some fellow dermatologists weigh in. A solid staff is not forged overnight. The process involves foundational practices, significant orientation, and an environment of proper mentorship and coaching. Jody Comstock, M.D., director of Skin Spectrum in Tucson, Arizona, provides detailed training manuals, employment handbooks, and job descriptions tailored to the new hire. “They must complete a core competency list before they work on their own,” she says. These may include a variety of ...
Hospital Hiring Riding Yearlong Momentum
Halfway through 2015, hospitals are on pace to be the leader for hiring in the healthcare industry. A Forbes column illuminates the recent boom hospitals have experienced in staffing, gaining employees for nearly a year straight. The current trend isn't just a return to normal after the economic struggles brought on by the recession, either. While the recession impacted hiring at hospitals -- the industry largely plateaued through 2009 and 2010 -- the recent jumps in hiring greatly outpace the sector's steady climb from 2005 through 2008. Per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), roughly 4.9 million are employed ...