Landing An Executive Job In Healthcare

Landing An Executive Job In Healthcare

Not every hospital or practice is looking to move physicians up into leadership roles, but Gibb Wingate, a senior recruiting consultant for The Delta Companies, says the good ones are.

“It’s important to a lot of doctors to have a physician’s perspective in administration,” he says. “Sadly, sometimes it can seem like two opposing sides.”

A 2010 report by PwC found that 56% of physicians surveyed did not trust hospitals in partnerships because of a lack of representation on the board and in other leadership roles. But more hospitals are beginning to embrace the important role physicians can play in management. Wingate says has worked with a level two trauma center that is administered entirely by physicians, from the CEO on down.

“They only thing that those guys did to key themselves up for that is they have the experience and the business mind that was needed for the role,” he says.