National Healthcare Hiring Trends Fuel Metro Job Growth

National Healthcare Hiring Trends Fuel Metro Job Growth

Nationally, the health care industry employs 14.5 million people, the Brookings report said. Although physicians are among the best-paid people in the nation, health care workers include people at all levels of education, skills and pay.

The report was written by Martha Ross, a fellow at Brookings' Metropolitan Policy Program in Washington, D.C., and Siddharth Kulkarni. a research assistant.

Health care is a growing part of the economy, Ross said, adding 2.6 million jobs nationwide over the past decade, a 22.7 percent growth rate that is 10 times faster than the average for other industries.

Of the 100 largest metro areas, the share of health care jobs held by the industry ranges from 7 percent in Las Vegas to 20 percent in McAllen, Texas.

In every city, health care jobs are a larger share of the workforce now than before the 2008-09 recession, the report said. That's because health care jobs recovered more rapidly than others.