The Top 10 Least Stressful Health Care Careers


With so much talk about the lack of good jobs today, it may be surprising that there are some exceptional opportunities within the health care field. Not only are there quality career opportunities – many are less stressful than jobs in other areas of employment.

Although not often a primary consideration of most job hunters, a stressful workplace can lead to job dissatisfaction and be a primary cause of high turnover for employers. Among the many attractions the health care field offers are generally pleasant working conditions, above average salaries and opportunities for both career longevity and advancement.

All of these conditions contribute to greater worker satisfaction and higher productivity. There is much to like in this field, and with the advancing numbers of baby boomers, the call for motivated and bright job seekers will continue.

These rankings were based on data and statistics gathered by CareerCast’s JobsRated team. They compared 11 different causes of stress, which included: travel, potential for growth, deadlines, possible risks, physical requirements, and environmental factors.

Here are healthcare jobs that ranked as the 10 Least Stressful Jobs for 2012:


1. Chiropractor

Overall Rating: 518Projected Growth: 30.80%Stress: 13.50Median Salary: $67,350

Chiropractic practice continues to grow and do well in the U.S. and Canada. Chiropractors are frequently being called upon to help patients that desire more natural treatment regimens. Aside from helping many patients in chronic pain, they are often able to plan natural healing programs for patients through dietary improvements and nutritional supplements, including vitamins and supplements. Chiropractors work in pleasant environments and help patients suffering from pain and a variety of other ailments through manipulations of the major joints and spine.

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